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In light of the ongoing Covid situation, the UKATTS Committee have decided to suspend all subscriptions for members for the coming year, at least.

From 31st Dec the UKATTS account you currently have your standing order with will be closed, expect contact from your bank explaining they can’t fulfill the request. If you are debited, please claim back from your bank. Please cancel the standing order too. The industry is obviously facing an incredibly tough time with many redundancies and some airlines now choosing to close their Interline departments altogether.

Rest assured, the Committee is continuing to work on your behalf to maintain as many current and forge new agreements wherever possible.

Your membership to UKATTS remains valid and you will still be able to use whatever concessions remain as we move forward. Please could you take this opportunity to confirm & update your contact details with us, email geofflowe@ukatts.org.uk with a minimum of name, membership & contact number and email.

More information will appear here and on the UKATTS website, as we get it, so please keep an eye out for updates.


Due to the pandemic and ongoing situation with all airlines, we are not accepting new membership applications until further notice. Further information will appear here and on the Facebook page as & when


To make an application to become a member (conditions apply), please download, print and fill out these forms:
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The UKATTS Committee is delighted to announce the creation of a section dedicated to retired UKATTS members. If you have previously been a full member and wish to join the retired section, please fill in the member application form above.


For all membership application information please contact: membership@ukatts.org.uk

For retired membership concession enquiries: membership@ukatts.org.uk